About the Foundation

Improving the Future for Kids with Digestive Disorders

The NASPGHAN Foundation has a single goal: to improve the treatment and management of gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pancreatic and nutritional disorders in children. Through our work, we provide information and resources to parents, patients, and medical professionals dealing with these disorders.

The NASPGHAN Foundation was founded by the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (NASPGHAN), a professional society of more than 1400 pediatric gastroenterologists, to promote awareness and research of pediatric digestive and nutritional disorders, including:

The NASPGHAN Foundation promotes research, education, and awareness of these and other conditions.

The NASPGHAN Foundation Mission

The NASPGHAN Foundation funds and supports the research and education missions of NASPGHAN in order to enhance the health and well-being of children with gastrointestinal, liver, pancreas and nutritional disorders.