Technology Committee

The Technology Committee explores, implements, and evaluates technologies and social media to benefit NASPGHAN.  The committee is focused on NASPGHAN member interaction and education, while also engaged in public communication and knowledge dissemination using technology.  The technologies include (but are not limited to): websites, social media, video streaming services, and mobile applications for use on a daily basis, at special events, and at the NASPGHAN Postgraduate Course and Annual Meeting.

John Pohl, MD, Chair
Salt Lake City, UT

Jason Silverman, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Vice Chair
Alberta, Canada

  • James Bayrer MD San Francisco, CA ‘18
  • Peter Lu MD Columbus, OH ‘18
  • Sharon Perry CPNP Cleveland, OH '18
  • Salik Taufiq MD Jacksonville, FL ‘18
  • Ayesha Fatima MD Bloomfield Hills, MI ‘19
  • Raghu Varier MD Portland, OR ‘19
  • Priya Venkataraman MD Clarksville, MD ‘19
  • Sebastian Zavoian MD Buffalo, NY ‘19
  • Eric Benchimol MD Ottawa, ON ‘20 -- Council Liaison
  • Rose Lee MD Columbus, OH ‘20
  • Ramakrishna Mutyala MD West Jordan, UT ‘20
  • Eduardo Rosas-Blum MD El Paso, TX ‘20
  • Brandon Sparks MD Columbus, OH ‘20