Professional Education Committee

The Professional Education Committee is charged with providing and vetting outstanding professional education to the membership of NASPGHAN including non-physicians members. To this end, the Committee designs, organizes, and conducts the Postgraduate Course that is part of the annual NASPGHAN meeting. We are involved with sessions held at multiple other national and international society meetings such as DDW and PAS with our responsibilities including creation of session topics, inviting speakers, and moderating. We also function in the role of CME content editors for multiple NASPGHAN Foundation educational offerings such as webinars, podcasts, handouts and even conferences such as the N2U meeting.

Jennifer Strople MD - Chair
Chicago, IL '19

Maria Oliva-Hemker MD - Vice Chair
Baltimore, MD '19

Dominique Bailey MD New York. NY '21
Ninfa Candela MD Wellesley, MA '19
Adrian Chapa-Rodriguez MD Shreveport, LA '21
Peter Costa MD Bronx, NY '21
Tanaz Danialifar MD Los Angeles, CA '21
Anil Darbari MD, MBA Washington, DC '21
Gary Galante MD Calgary, AB '19
Regino Gonzalez-Peralta MD Orlando, FL '19
Melanie Greifer MD New York, NY '20
Emily Hon MD Indianapolis, IN '20
Alexander Koral MD New Haven, CT '21
Henry Lin MD Portland, OR '19
Ellen Mitchell MD Pittsburgh, PA '20
Iona Monteiro MD Newark, NJ '19
Gary Neidich MD Sioux Falls, SD '21
Deborah Neigut MD Aurora, CO '20
Nadia Ovchinsky MD, MBA Short Hills, NJ '19
Sally Schwartz BS, RD, CSP. LPN Chicago, IL '19
Terry Sigman MD FRCPC Montreal, QC '19
Lesley Smith MD Miami, FL '21
Vivian Tang MD New York, NY '21
Kelly Thomsen MD, MSCI Nashville, TN '21
Jeanne Tung MD Oklahoma City, OK '19
Elizabeth Yu MD La Jolla, CA '20
Garrett Zella MD Newton, MA '21