Neurogastroenterology & Motility Committee

The Neurogastroenterology & Motility Committee is charged with promoting education of its members, health care providers and the public and fostering research in the area of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, which will translate into quality care for the patients and families being served.  The Committee will help develop standards of care practice guidelines and quality improvement goals.

Jaime Belkind Gerson MD - Chair
Boston, MA '20


Muhammad Adnan Altaf MD Oklahoma City, OK 20
Julia Anderson MD Nashville, TN 20
Jaime Belkind-Gerson MD, MSc Aurora, CO '20
Silvana Bonilla MD Wayland, MA '21
Mary Boruta MD Cary, NC '21
Ashish Chogle MD, MPH Irvine, CA '21
Jason Dranove MD Charlotte, NC '20
Laurence Feinstein MD Philadelphia, PA '20
Kahleb Graham MD Philadelphia, PA '20
Maheen Hassan MD Palo Alto, CA '21
Robert Heuckeroth MD, PhD Philadelphia, PA '20
Meredith Hitch MD Baton Rouge, LA '20
Kirsten Jones RD Delaware, OH '20
Julie Khlevner MD Merrick, NY '20
Petar Mamula MD Philadelphia, PA '20
Sravan Kumar Reddy Matta MD Silver Spring, MD '21
Ricardo Medina MD Dallas, TX '21
Peter Osgood MD Chicago, IL '20
Rachel Rosen MD Boston, MA '20
Neha Santucci MD Cincinnat,i OH '20
Muhammadd Shaukat MD Oklahoma City, OK '21
Manu Sood MD Milwaukee, WI '21
Erick Manuel Toro Monjaraz MD MsC Tlalpan, Mexico DF '20
Maura Torres-Aguilera MD Delegacion Azcapotzalco Cuidad de Mexico '20
Claire Zar-Kessler MD Boston, MA '20