Global Health SIG

Global Health Special Interest Group seeks to 1) provide a forum for members interested or involved in global health work in any capacity to discuss, collaborate, and learn from each other; 2) attract trainees in pediatrics, allied health, and nursing interested in global health to the field of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition;3) increase awareness and knowledge of global health topics among the membership of NASPGHAN and sister organizations; 4) support one keynote address involving global health research, capacity building, or advocacy at each NASPGHAN annual meeting; 5) maintain an award for global health work in basic, translational, or clinical research, capacity building, or advocacy; 6)become a source of expert opinion and accurate, up-to-date reference in topics relating to global health within the aspects of our specialty; and 7)    advocate for the health of children worldwide in partnership with existing committees.

Suzanna Attia MD - Chair
Houston, TX 

  • Vishal Avinashi MD Vancouver, BC 
  • Christina Baldwin MD Dallas, TX
  • Robert Bandsma MD Toronto, ON 
  • Sesi Dosunmu-Ogunbi MD Montgomery, AL 
  • Christopher Duggan MD, MPH Boston, MA 
  • George Fuchs MD Lexington, KY 
  • Kerri Gosselin MD Worcester, MA 
  • Benedikte Grenov 
  • Paula Hertel MD Houston, TX 
  • Kattayoun Kordy MD Los Angeles, CA 
  • Mark Manary MD Saint Louis, MO 
  • Megha Mehta MD Dallas, TX
  • Sean Moore MD, MS Charlottesville, VA 
  • Simone Nicol   Saskatoon, SK 
  • Stephanie Oliveira MD Cincinnati, OH 
  • Leonel Rodriguez MD, MS Boston, MA 
  • Robert Shulman MD Houston, TX 
  • Sana Syed MD Charlottesville, VA 
  • Kevin Sztam MD, MPH Portland, ME 
  • Indi Trehan   Saint Louis, MO 
  • Thomas Wallach MD San Francisco, CA