Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) SIG

The FMT Special Interest Group is dedicated to 1) providing education about FMT including safety, efficacy, and regulation 2) providing resources for members interested in delivering FMT, or referring to a center that offers FMT and 3) promoting collaborative research around FMT for pediatric patients. The FMT SIG’s current focus is on the use of FMT for recurrent or relapsing Clostridium difficile infection, but the group anticipates expanding the focus to include FMT for other GI diseases such as IBD. The FMT SIG is open to new members.

Stacy Kahn MD, Chair
Boston, MA

Richard Kellermayer MD, PhD, Vice Chair
Houston, TX

  • Lindsey Albenberg DO Philadelphia, PA 
  • Sonia Balla MD Boston, MA
  • Mark Bartlett MD Minneapolis, MN 
  • Mikelle Bassett MD Portland, OR 
  • David Brumbaugh MD Denver, CO 
  • Anupama Chawla MD Stony Brook, NY 
  • Zev Davidovics MD West Hartford, CT 
  • Michael Docktor MD Boston, MA 
  • Dana Dykes MD Atlanta, GA 
  • Jonathan Gisser MD Columbus, OH 
  • Alka Goyal MD Kansas City, KS 
  • Kelly Grzywacz MD Hampstead, QC 
  • Ajay Gulati MD Chapel Hill, NC 
  • Bhaskar Gurram MD Dallas, TX 
  • Jennifer Hellmann MD Cincinnati, OH 
  • Suchitra Hourigan MD Baltimore, MD 
  • Jeffrey Hyams MD Hartford, CT 
  • M Jensen MD Salt Lake City, UT 
  • Jess Kaplan MD Boston, MA 
  • Judith Kelsen MD Philadelphia, PA 
  • Melissa Kennedy MD Philadelphia, PA 
  • Sandra Chihyun Kim MD Pittsburgh, PA 
  • Jeffery Lewis MD Atlanta, GA
  • Daniel Mallon MD Cincinnati, OH 
  • Sonia Michail MD Irvine, CA 
  • Maribeth Nicholson MD Nashville, TN
  • Maria Oliva-Hemker MD Baltimore, MD 
  • Mohammad Osman MD Detroit MI 
  • Nikhil Pai MD Toronto, ON 
  • Brad Pasternak MD Phoenix, AZ 
  • Tiffany Patton MD Chicago, IL 
  • Joshua Prozialeck MD Chicago, IL 
  • Riad Rahhal MD, MS Iowa City, IA 
  • Norelle Reilly MD New Yorl, NY 
  • Shehzad Saeed MD Dayton, OH
  • Namita Singh MD Los Angeles, CA 
  • Aliza Solomon DO New York, NY
  • David Suskind MD Seattle, WA 
  • Sabeen Syed MD Corpus Christi, TX 
  • Steven Werlin MD Milwaukee, WI 
  • Yuhua Zheng MD Los Angeles, CA