Scottsdale Plaza Hotel
FEBRUARY 23-25, 2017
Scottsdale, AZ

Organizing Committee:

  • Carlo Di Lorenzo MD, NASPGHAN President
  • Chris Liacouras MD, Course Director
  • Melanie Greifer MD
  • Jeannie Huang MD
  • John Pohl MD
  • Steven Schwarz MD
  • Jennifer Strople MD
  • Margaret Stallings
  • Christine Waasdorp - Hurtado MD

NASPGHAN is pleased to announce that the Essential Pediatric GI ReviewCourse is available for purchase as an on line resource. It provides an excellent review of Pediatric GI topics that is a valuable resource for board review, advanced practice providers and others looking for a thorough review of key Pediatric GI topics from experts in the field. After purchase, you will have online access to more than 54 topics that are available as power point presentations (which were audiotaped from the exact lectures given by the presenters of the Review Course). View Course Outline

In addition, you can obtain the pdf files from the lectures, receive MOC part 2 and CME credit and listen to questions and answers related to each topic. Purchase now!

There are 18 speakers each presenting 3 different topics. Each 3 topic session will occur for one hour and will be followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. We have excellent faculty for this course that includes:

Steven Erdman MD Maria Mascarenhas MD
Douglas Fishman MD Jean Molleston, MD
Melanie Greifer MD Samuel Nurko MD
Stefano Guandalini MD David Piccoli MD
Sohail Husain MD Rachel Rosen MD
Nicola Jones MD Joel Rosh MD
Saul Karpen MD Ronald Sokol MD
Rohit Kohli MD Manu Sood MD
Chris Liacouras MD John Thompson MD