Liver Transplantation

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Guidelines/Position Statements

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  • Pediatric Indication for Liver Transplantation – Estella Alonso 2010
  • Immunosuppression/transplant immunology – Russell H. Wiesner 2010
  • Deceased donors/Liver resection/Transplant surgery – Shawn Pelletier 2010
  • Ascites/Hepatorenal syndrome – Juan Cordoba 2010

AASLD Series

Core/Base Textbook

  • Liver Transplantation, Chapter 28.
    Diseases of the Liver in Children 2014 Hsu E, Reyes J. Murray KF, Horslen S, eds.
  • OR
  • Liver transplantation in children: indications and surgical aspects, Chapter 43
    Liver transplantation in children: post-transplant care, Chapter 44
    Liver Disease in Children 2014. Suchy FJ, Sokol RJ, Balistreri WF, eds.