Pancreas Committee

The overall purpose of the Pancreas Committee is to promote the field of pediatric pancreatology. Its goals involve the expansion and dissemination of knowledge about pancreatic disorders, improvement of care for children suffering from pancreatic problems, advocacy for these children and their families, as well as promoting and supporting research within the realm of pancreatology.  The Committee liaises with other NASPGHAN committees (in particular Endoscopy & Procedures, Training, Public Affairs & Advocacy, and Public Education Committees) to address common overlapping goals, and aims to similarly create links with external organizations. It is hoped that through the development of educational materials for the public and physicians, involvement in continuing medical education endeavors, and support of basic/ translational/ and clinical research, that the overall care and quality of life of children with pancreatic disorders will improve.

Sohail Husain MD – Chair
Pittsburgh, PA '20

Véronique Morinville MD - Past Chair
Montreal, QC '18

Heli Bhatt MD Indianapolis, IN '20
Bridget Dowd MD New York, NY '20
Elissa Downs MD, MPH Minneapoli, MN '21
Kate Ellery DO Pittsburgh, PA '20
Racha Khalaf MD Aurora, CO '21
Rakesh Kumar MD Toledo OH '19
Jorge Alberto Macias Flores Chihuahua , Mexico '21
Jacob Mark MD Aurora, CO '21
Andres Martinez MD Nashville, TN '21
Véronique Morinville MD Montreal ,QC '19
Jaimie Nathan MD Cincinnati, OH '21
Kalyan Ray Parashette MD Albuquerque, NM '1
Nishant Patel MD Orlando, FL '20
Travis Piester MD Los Angeles,CA '21
Zachary Sellers MD,PhD Palo Alto, CA '19
Uzma Shah MD Boston, MA '21
Ala Shaikhkhalil MD Columbus, OH '21
Aliye Uc MD Iowa City, IA '19