NASPGHAN/APGNN/CPNP Annual Meetings, Single Topic Symposium and Postgraduate Course

Diplomat Hotel
Hollywood, FL
October 24 - 27, 2018

October 24 - Single Topic Symposium - Neurogastroenterology and Motility
October 25 - Postgraduate Course
October 25 - 27 - Annual Meetings of NASPGHAN, APGNN and CPNP

Organizing Committee

Karen Murray MD (NASPGHAN President-Elect) Program Committee Chair
Carlo Di Lorenzo MD (NASPGHAN Past President) Program Advisor
James Heubi MD (NASPGHAN President) Program Advisor
Maisam Abu El Haija MD Pancreas Sessions
Jaime Belkind Gerson MD, MsC Hands on Motility, Motility Sessions
Anil Darbari MD, MBA Single Topic Symposium
Amanda Deacy PhD and Michele Maddux PhD Psychology
Maureen Egan MSN, APN and Amy Donegan RN, MS, APN APGNN Program
Andrew Grossman MD (Chair, IBD Committee) IBD Sessions
Solange Heller Rousant MD (Mexican Councilor) LASPGHAN Program
Jeannie Huang MD, MPH (Chair, Finance Committee) Meeting Budget
Richard Katz MD and Wendi Burdo Hartman MD Feeding Consortium
Rohit Kohli MBBS, MS (Chair, Research Committee) Annual Meeting and abstracts
Rob Kramer MD (Chair, Endoscopy Committee) Endoscopy sessions
Maria Oliva-Hemker MD (Professional Education Committee) Postgraduate Course, Co-Director
KT Park MD (Chair, Clinical Care and Quality Committee) Clinical Vignette Posters
Matthew Riley MD and Chris Haye MD (Chair, Clinical Practice Committee) Clinical Practice Forum
Leonel Rodriguez MD, MS (Chair, International Committee) LASPGHAN Program
Norberto Rodriguez Baez MD (Chair, Training Committee) Teaching and Tomorrow Program
Sally Schwartz BS, RD, CSP, LPN and Amber Smith MBA, RD, CD CPNP/Nutrition Symposium
Jennifer Strople MD (Chair, Professional Education Committee) Postgraduate Course, Co-Director
Shikha Sundaram MD (Chair, Hepatology Committee) Liver sessions
Justine Turner MD, PhD (Chair, Nutrition Committee) Nutrition Symposium and sessions
Toba Weinstein MD (Chair, Professional Development Committee) Professional Development sessions