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Grant Recipients 2013

2013 Grant Recipients

NASPGHAN Foundation Takeda Pharmaceutical Products Inc. Research Innovation Award
Rohit Kohli MD, MS, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
NASH Improvement after Bariatric Surgery: The Role of Bile Acid Signaling

NASPGHAN Foundation George Ferry Young Investigator Development Award
Meenakshi Rao MD, PhD, Columbia University Medical Center
Defining the role of glial cells in the enteric nervous system

NASPGHAN Foundation Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America Young Investigator Development Award
Johan Van Limbergen MD, MRCPCH, PhD, IWK Health Centre
A metagenomic approach to diagnosis, induction and maintenance of deep remission following exclusive enteral nutrition in pediatric Crohn’s Disease (CD)

NASPGHAN Foundation Nestlé Nutrition Research Young Investigator Development Award
Robert Bandsma MD, Hospital for Sick Kids
Unraveling metabolic dysadaptation in malnutrition: from cellular mechanisms to improved child survival

NASPGHAN Foundation Fellow to Faculty Transition Award in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Dale Lee MD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
The association between mucosal healing and long-term linear growth

NASPGHAN Foundation In-Office Member Grant for Development of Patient Education Prototypes
Alice Foster – British Columbia Children’s Hospital
Jennifer Willoughby RN, BSN, CPN – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

NASPGHAN Foundation/APGNN Susan Moyer Nursing Research Grant
Shari Huffman RN, MN, CPNP, Nemour’s Children’s Clinic
Vitamin D3 supplementation pediatric IBD: Weekly vs. daily dosing regimens