Clinical Practice Committee

The purpose of the Clinical Practice Committee is to address the needs of the pediatric gastroenterologist whose primary focus is in the clinical care setting. The committee currently is addressing a variety of projects of interest to the clinical pediatric gastroenterologist. Within the committee, a group of members work on reimbursement and billing issues, Internet research initiatives for clinical practice, in-office grants, advocacy for the clinical pediatric gastroenterologist as well as other practice issues. The committee has the responsibility of interacting and advocating for the pediatric clinician whether they practice within an academic or private practice setting.  

Matthew Riley, MD, Chair
Portland, OR

  • Rathna Amarnath MD, Columbia, SC
  • Michael Bates MD, PhD Dayton, OH
  • Amy DeFelice MD, New York, NY
  • Robert Dillard MD, Lexington, KY
  • Sesi Dosunmu-Ogunbi MD, Montgomery, AL
  • Issam El-Halabi MD, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Mounif El-Youssef MD, Rochester, MN
  • Ranjana Gokhale MD, Chicago, IL
  • Humaira Hashmi MD, Williamsville, NY
  • Christopher Hayes MD, Richmond, VA
  • Rima Jiblay MD, Flint, MI
  • Howard Kader MD, Baltimore, MD
  • Janice Kelly Dones MD, Philadelphia, PA
  • Sanjay Kumar MD, Indianapolis, IN
  • Katherine Lawson Vaidy MD, Brooklyn, NY
  • Munir Mobassaleh MD, Boston, MA
  • Linda Muir MD, Portland, OR
  • Richard Noel MD, PhD Durham, NC
  • Adam Paul DO, Coopersburg, PA
  • Matthew Riley MD, Portland, OR
  • Norberto Rodriguez-Baez MD, Dallas, TX
  • Ritu Verma MD, Philadelphia, PA
  • Sarah Vermilyea RD, MS, CSP. LD, CNS, West Des Moines, IA
  • Jessica Wen MD, Philadelphia, PA
  • Yvette Wild Koenig MD, MPH San Francisco, CA
  • Michael Wilsey, Jr MD, Saint Petersburg, FL