MOC Part II Credit for PG Course

NASPGHAN provided MOC Part II credit for the 2015 NASPGHAN Postgraduate Course. This activity provideed TWENTY MOC Part II credits for participants who were able to answer at least 70% of the multiple-choice questions correctly. The activity involved 51 multiple-choice questions and could be completed at any time beginning on October 8, 2015 until December 31, 2015. Credit was applied in 2015; thus participants whose MOC deadlines were in December 2015 could apply these credits towards their maintenance of certification.

As always, the NASPGHAN MOC Task Force is here to help you, please contact us with any questions (858) 576-1700 x4778 or (  


2015 Evaluation and Continuing Medical Education Information

NASPGHAN Single Topic Symposium – October 7, 2015
NASGPHAN Postgraduate Course – October 8, 2015
NASPGHAN Annual Meeting – October 8 – 11, 2015
NASPGHAN CPNP Annual Symposium – October 9 – 10, 2015

Go to to complete your evaluation for the meetings you attended and you will be able to print your certificate.  Evaluations must be complete to receive CME/CPEU Credit.

The online certificate site will be available the end of the day October 7, 2015 through December 31, 2015.  After that date, the site will be removed and certificates will no longer be available.  If you need a CME certificate, you must complete the evaluation and certificate process prior to that date; otherwise you will forfeit your credit for the course.

To get your certificate, go to and choose the event for which you need a certificate.  If you need a certificate for multiple events, repeat the process.  On the site you will be asked to evaluate various aspects of the program and enter the number of hours you attended.  You may then print your certificate anywhere you have Internet access.  A copy of the certificate will also be emailed to you in case you need to print additional copies.

Please address any questions about the process to: 


For nursing credit from the APGNN meeting, please follow this link, complete the evaluation and print your certificate.